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Goodbye Parenthood - the voting!


I’ve decided that to celebrate everything wonderful about NBC’s Parenthood, that i’m going to do a “Parenthood favourites” kind of thing, voted by my followers. It’s super sad that this show is ending but at least this way we can celebrate with something! Voting is open now and the polls are here:

Please either comment on the polls or message me if you think anyone else needs to be added to either of the polls, as i’ve likely missed someone or a ship that you think should be included! Just let me know as it’s all about what YOU guys vote!

You can vote for as in each category as you want, and you can only vote once every 3 hours on each poll, please vote fairly. I don’t currently have a closing date for them, but will keep the episode poll open until you all have time to vote after all the episodes have aired and the series has ended! The others will probably close sooner than that.

I’m relying on you guys, help me give a send off to this perfect show!
Thank you!!!

Parenthood: 6x01 “Vegas”

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That’s my baby. And that’s it’s heart beat.

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Your mom spent every ounce of energy when she wasn’t taking care of you or your sister, making this dream happen for you and other kids like you. Do you get that? Put your shoes on, pack your book bag and go to school today. Not for you, for your mother.

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jonhammer: Hey, can you make a gifset of the scene from 2x06 (I believe) when Sarah goes to see Julia and says something like "Hey, it turns out that Berkeley Coffee near me is the Berkeley Coffee near you... I kissed my boss."? Thanks. :)

Will do this next!!

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Anonymous: Can you GIF Amber and Sarah's conversation on the steps about sleeping with Steve in 1.12? Thanks!

Will do this next! :)