requested by jonhammer

93 1 year ago
jonhammer: Hey, can you make a gifset of the scene from 2x06 (I believe) when Sarah goes to see Julia and says something like "Hey, it turns out that Berkeley Coffee near me is the Berkeley Coffee near you... I kissed my boss."? Thanks. :)

Will do this next!!

1 1 year ago

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223 1 year ago
Anonymous: Can you GIF Amber and Sarah's conversation on the steps about sleeping with Steve in 1.12? Thanks!

Will do this next! :)

requested by lauraozness

145 1 year ago
lorelaidanes: Could you make a gifset of 1x04 when Crosby tells Julia that she's a really good mom? Thanks!

i’ll do this next! :)

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116 1 year ago
helena-oftroy: Could you make gifs of Sarah's monologue to Adam in 2.21 that starts with "No, just when they tell you they don't need you anymore is exactly when they need you the most"? THanks!

Will do this next! :)

2 1 year ago

~ requested by anonymous

183 1 year ago
Anonymous: Hi! So, first of all, your gifs are Awesome. Thank you for taking the time to make them! And would it be at all possible to create a gif from 1.11 of Joel making fun of Timm's name while he and Julia are talking about having Timmmmm helping out with Zeek's botched real estate deal? It's close to the beginning of the episode. (I hope that's specific enough.) :)

Will do this one next!! :D